Linda GoldmanIndependence MO
I had such high hopes for a good repair shop after reading all the reviews. However, I will not be taking my business to this shop. My husband broke down this morning on the highway and had to have his truck towed. We remembered seeing Certified Transmission and how they were always busy so must be good and so we told the driver to take it to the shop on 23rd. My husband walked in and there was a service tech behind the counter and a lady on her cell phone. After waiting a moment and seeing that no interaction between the two was happening my husband asked where he should have the tow driver drop the truck. The service tech told my husband in a rude tone that he was with a customer and would need to wait his turn as he continued to shuffle papers. So my husband looked around the lobby and waited for several minutes. The service tech then told him "hey man, your boy needs to move cause I have a customer that needs out" My husband told him that is what he had tried to ask was where to park the truck. Now the tech wanted to yell at him about moving and still did not offer where he could park the truck. My husband offered a few choice words to the tech after he felt like he had been disrespected when all he wanted to know was where he could park the truck to be out of the way and wait to talk to someone about repairs. Now I do not know if the tech was having a bad day or what but I work in the service field and I know that no matter how frustrated you are you don't take it out on customers and when someone walks in to your business you greet them and acknowledge them and let them know you will be with them in a moment. I would also think that in this type of business you know people are frustrated because of repair issues and to take time to reassure them that their business is important would be a top priority. And when he needed the truck moved he should have advised my husband where he could park the vehicle. I understand it is hot out and people are busy but there was no reason for this service tech to be as rude. Poor customer service.
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